Thursday, April 15, 2010

Odds and Ends

Wrapping things up...

1. All blog comments and student journal entries must be made by Monday, April 19, in order to be credited for them.

2. Final scores and recordings were due yesterday, although I have told some people that they could get me their recordings today. If you have not submitted your score/recording yet, let me know asap.

3. Most of you have picked up your scores/comments from the first project, although I still have a few. I also still have a few from last term that were never picked up (!). Please drop by to pick yours up asap.

4. Tuesday evening's composition seminar went well — we had a great listening session and discussion, and Andrew Staniland and I were joined by composer Rob Teehan, in town this week for the Junos (check out his website: and Shawn Bostick, Regional Director of the CMC Atlantic Region. Some of you have expressed interest in continuing these meetings in the summer; if you think you'd like to do this, please leave a comment to that effect below, and I will follow up on this in a later blog.

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Robbie B and the Doubtful D's said...

I think that it would be important to continue with a composition night over the summer to help keep us motivated in maintaining a constant flow of compositional writing during our down time. Maybe even have a concert at the end of the summer or the beginning of the school year.
Count me in!