Thursday, October 22, 2009

Upcoming Concert – Information, and Protocol


Our first concert of the course is imminent… This Sunday at 1 PM at the D. F. Cook recital hall. I am REALLY looking forward to it, and I hope you are too! Make sure you invite all friends, family, and basically any other people you have ever met.

Please let me know (via the "comments" section below) the following:
  • Title of your composition, and the titles of the three pieces if they also have titles. You may give it a generic title, such as "Three Pieces for Violin [or whatever instrument you're writing for] and Piano," if you wish, but I encourage you to come up with a more descriptive title if you can. But don't stress over it… If you can't come up with a good descriptive title, a generic one is fine.

  • Your name, as you would like it to appear in the programme.

  • The names of your performers.

  • Any requests you may have regarding where you would like your composition to be in the programme (early, late). Please only make such a request if you or your performers have a valid reason for doing so (like having to be at work, etc.). All class members are expected to support one another by being present for the entire concert; if your piece is on the first half, please don't leave at the intermission

  • If you or your performers are playing two or more compositions, do you prefer them to be back to back, or separated by at least one other composition? If it doesn't matter, just say so, because it makes programming a bit easier.
  • I will endeavor to accommodate all requests. As soon as I have all the information, I will post the programme order to this class blog.

Concert Protocol:
  • Dress: All black, or black pants/skirt and coloured top… Or some other combination that you like that looks dressy, but isn't as formal as a penguin suit.

  • Introductions: Each composer will give a brief introduction to their work; please try to keep it short and snappy; no more than 1 minute, maximum! Remember to thank the performer(s) by name. Your spoken introduction may be off the cuff or written down, but in my experience, audiences seem to relate better to the former than the latter, probably because we tend to speak more naturally when we make it up as we go. If an extemporized introduction is what you choose, consider making a few notes beforehand to help guide you.

  • Programme Notes: Not necessary for this concert, but necessary for the final version of your score. Programme notes by the composer are generally thought to be a good thing in concert settings, but (a) It has been my impression that many concert-goers do not read the programme notes, or read just a small portion of them, perhaps because the lighting conditions during a concert to not lend themselves to reading, and (b) Many of you are already stressed enough by trying to finish your compositions and rehearse them in time for Sunday's concert without having to stress further about writing programme notes at the last minute.

  • Hurry on and off the stage!The concert is likely to be quite long as it is (17 students times 5-6 minute compositions = 85-102 minutes, plus 17 times 1-2 minutes for introductions and getting on and off the stage, = 102-136 minutes; this is absurdly long! By way of comparison, most classical music recitals are planned with something like 60-70 minutes of music…), so it is essential that the switchovers between performances be as brief as possible. Towards that end, each duo should walk on the stage AS the previous duo is walking off, and take very little time between each of your three pieces.
I think that's all for now!

And good luck to all in your preparations!


smackie said...

Three Solitudes for Piano and Viola
I. Power Breeds Madness
II. 2006
III. the dream-encrusted window

Megan Buffett, viola
Simon Mackie, piano

Joshua White said...

The Paper Boat Race
I. Maiden Voyage
II. fighting to stay afloat
III.Headed for the Bottom

Joshua White, Composer
Andrew Rideout, Glock
Simon Mackie, Piano

Adam Batstone said...

Three Works for Vibraphone and Piano

I. Haze
II. Advert
III. Comatose

Adam Batstone, Composer
Evan Bowen, Vibraphone
Dylan Varner-Hartley, Piano

meganbarnes said...

For Bass
I. Crushed
II. The Chase
III. The Endless In Between

Megan Barnes, Composer
Joshua White, Double Bass
Alexander Pryor, Piano

lindseyw said...
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lindseyw said...

3 pieces for piano and flute
1: Sand Sifter
2: a little Gem
3: Semiprecious

Lindsey Wareham, Piano
Mitchell Hamilton, Flute

Mitchell does need to be gone by 2, so somewhere near the beginning would be great! (I believe he's also playing in Matthew Legge's set so that would need to be earlier rather than later as well)

Mary Beth said...

Childhood Fun
I. Pink Elephant in the Room
II. A Not So Typical Sad Song
III. Treasure Hunt

Mary Beth Waldram, Composer
Aiden Hartery, Trombone
Alexander Pryor, Piano

If I could go in the middle of the concert, because I am also recording the concert.

A. Rideout said...

Three Character Pieces for Vibraphone and Piano
I. Synapse
II. oscillating
III. T. Town

Andrew Rideout - Vibes
Tim Purdy - Piano

Tim would like to go in the first half if possible.
Andrew Rideout

Adam Smith said...

Three Pieces for Violin and Piano


Adam Smith - composer
Andrew Coffin - piano
Brooke Stewart - violin

(Dr. Ross, since I have no titles for my pieces, should I say anything else during my introduction aside from thanking the performers? Perhaps a few words on the material in each piece is derived from the core material or something?)

David said...

The Path.
I. Far.
II. Timeless Clockwork.
III. River.

Dave Goudie, guitar
Lindsey Wareham, piano

Brooke said...

I don't have a final title or time yet! I hope its ok to send it to you tomorrow! But I wanted to put in a request to go early in the program. My pianist has to be gone by 1:45, so somewhere before then would be great!

Mary Winters, piano
Brooke Stewart, violin

SarahClement said...

Three Songs on the Wind
i) Morning Flight
ii) Spirit Song
iii) Starling

Alexander Pryor- Piano
Sarah Clement- Flute

Alexander R. Pryor said...

Getting In
I) First Glance
II) The Warmth
III) The Deed

Alexander Pryor, piano
Sarah Clement, flute

Steve said...

Three Pieces for Piano and Vibraphone


Dylan Varner-Hartley, Piano
Andrew McCarthy, Vibraphone

Aiden Hartery said...

Forgotten Days for Trombone and Piano
I - Beginnings
II - Buried Heroes
III - The End?

Trombone - Aiden Hartery
Piano - Alana Noftall

Brooke said...

An Unlikely Heroine
I- A Little Magic
II- Wrongful Persecution
III- The Witches Dance

Hope this isn't too late to get in the program!

Steve said...

I understand that this is ridiculously last-minute, but one of my performers just informed me that he'd need to play near the end of the concert / in the second half. Hope this isn't a problem..