Monday, February 23, 2009

Composition Class Concert - 7 PM, 27 February, 2009, P-C Hall.

Today's blog is about the upcoming concert - programme order, performers list, and dress rehearsal order (please provide any missing details in the comments area below).

Programme Order

Jon Rowsell — Brass Quintet #2
Jennifer Murphy, trumpet; Heidi Adams, trumpet; Jill Abbott, horn; Philip Holloway, trombone; Jon Rowsell, tuba

Jill Abbott — The Whirlpool (after Jane Urquhart)
Jennifer Murphy, trumpet; Heidi Adams, trumpet; Jill Abbott, horn; Philip Holloway, trombone; Jon Rowsell, tuba

Kim Codner — Quartet for Changing Time
Kim Codner, flute; Melissa Williams, clarinet; Kalen Thomson, violin; Ian Baird, piano

Simon Mackie — for the girl who got away
Katie Noseworthy, clarinet; Jennifer Emberley, english horn; Megan Buffett, viola; Josh White, double bass; Simon Mackie, piano

Jennifer Vail — Of Pearls and Stars (Heinrich Heine)
Erin Milley, soprano; Stephen Ivany, tenor; Kate Bevan-Baker, violin; Saird Larocque, cello; Ian Baird, piano

Michael Bramble — The Looking Glass
Heidi Adams, trumpet; Scott Latham, marimba; Kate Bevan-Baker, violin; Michael Bramble, synthesizer; Dylan Varner-Hartley, piano


Meg Warren — Womanizer? (after Britney)
Meg Warren, soprano; Richard Klaas, Marimba; Scott Latham, percussion; Ian Baird, piano

Jessica Blennis — subconscious
Mitchell Hamilton, flute; Nelle Duinker, oboe; Richard St. Onge, cello; Ian Baird, piano

Melissa Butt — The Giving Tree (Shel Silverstein)
Melissa Butt, narrator; Stephen Hynes, flute; Richard Klaas, marimba; Kate Bevan-Baker, violin; Saird Larocque, cello

Dylan Varner-Harley — untitled
Richard Klaas, marimba; Kate Bevan-Baker, violin; Amy Spurr, violin; Kalen Thomson, viola; Saird Larocque, cello

Kate Bevan-Baker — The Crocodile's Toothache (Shel Silverstein)
Erin Milley, soprano; Kate Bevan-Baker, violin; Amy Spurr, violin; Kalen Thomson, viola; Saird Larocque, cello

• Please note that the compositions of Neil Bussey and Saird Larocque cannot be performed.

Dress Rehearsal Timetable – Petro-Canada Hall, Friday, 27 February

2:00 Kate Bevan-Baker
2:20 Dylan Varner-Hartley
2:40 Michael Bramble
3:00 Melissa Butt
5:00 Simon Mackie
5:20 Meg Warren
5:40 Jessica Blennis
6:20 Kim Codner


Melissa B. said...

Title: and the tree was happy
- Narrator: Me (Reluctantly)
- Flute: Stephen Hynes
- Violin: Kate Bevan-Baker
- Cello: Saird Larocque
- Marimba: Richard Klaas

Dress Rehearsal time: TBA :)
(I need to check with everyone at the rehearsal on Wednesday.)

Jill A. said...

Title: The Whirlpool
-Emily Thompson (trumpet)
-Heidi Adams (trumpet)
-Phil Holloway (trombone)
-Jon Rowsell (tuba)
-Me (Horn)

We are rehearsing at 8am on friday.

meg293 said...

Title: Womanizer?
- Soprano: me
- Piano: Ian Baird
- Marimba - Rich Klaas
- Percussion - Scott Latham

My dress rehearsal time is also TBA.

Kim Codner said...

Title: Quartet for Changing Time

Flute- Me
Clarinet- Melissa Williams
Violin- Kalen Thomson
Piano- Ian Baird

Dress rehearsal order:?
When are times available?

Jessica Blenis said...

Title: Subconscious
- Ian Baird
- Richard St. Onge
- Mitchell Hamilton
- Nelle Duinker
Dress rehearsal time: TBA

Jenn Vail said...

I'm still working on performers - I've had a couple people that cancelled!! A little stressed...

Therefore, dress rehearsal time - TBA

Also: I don't see my piece on the program - I think we decided it was 4th.

smackie said...

Title: for the girl who got away
Katie Noseworthy (clarinet)
Jennifer Emberley (english horn)
Megan Buffett (viola)
Josh White (double bass)
me (piano)

Kate Bevan-Baker said...

Title: The Crocodile's Toothache (poet: Shel Silverstein)


Erin Milley (soprano)
Kate Bevan-Baker (violin)
Amy Spurr (violin)
Kalen Thomson (viola)
Saird Larocque (cello)

Dress Rehearsal time: 2:00 on Friday

Jenn Vail said...

Sorry - forgot the title of my piece!
"Of Pearls and Stars"

Jenn Vail said...

Performers are as follows...

Kate Bevan-Baker - Violin
Saird Larocque - Cello
Ian Baird - Piano
Erin Milley - Soprano
Stephen Ivany - Tenor

Hopefully will post a final dress rehearsal time by the end of the night...

Michael Bramble said...

Title: The Looking Glass
Myself - synthesizer
Dylan Varner-Hartley - piano
Heidi Adams - Trumpet
Scott Latham - Marimba
Kate Bevan-Baker - Violin

Dress Rehearsal time: 2:40

Michael Bramble said...

I guess I'm playing a synthesiser Hammond B3 Organ hybrid. haha

Dylan V-H said...

No Title

Kate Bevan-Baker
Amy Spurr
Saird Laroque
Kalen Thompson
Rich Klaas


Kate Bevan-Baker said...

(just so you know, Kalen's last name is p)

Melissa B. said...

Dress rehearsal time for me is 3:00pm.

Jill A. said...

So there has been a slight change of performers for both Jon's and my pieces. Jenn Murphy is going to be playing trumpet instead of Emily.

Jessica Blenis said...

I forgot to say who's playing what...'Cuz I'm smrt.
Ian Baird- piano
Mitchell Hamilton- flute
Richard St. Onge- cello
Nelle Duinker- oboe

Melissa B. said...

Even though Dr. Ross hasn't posted it I have dibs on 3:00! I emailed him about it and everything!


smackie said...

I've got 5:00 rehearsal time.

Jessica Blenis said...

I've asked Clark for the 5:40 time.

meg293 said...

Can i book the 5:20 rehearsal time?

Kim Codner said...

Can I take the 6:20 time?

Jenn Vail said...

Even though the PC Hall isn't available from 4-5, which I noticed AFTER, 4:00 is a time that works for my group members, so we're happy to rehearse in another room.