Tuesday, November 4, 2008

TIme keeps on slippin', slippin' …

This is the twenty-third year I have been teaching at the university level (5 yrs at U of T while doing my doctorate, 1 yr at MacMaster, and 17 yrs here), and the way time slips out of one's control EVERY SINGLE TERM never fails to amaze me.

One minute you're on top of things, next minute things are on top of you.

Sound familiar?

All of which is my way of explaining why my mostly-weekly blog entries have not been mostly weekly for the past three weeks. In fact, they have been entirely absent, ironically, coming very soon after my "Delinquent Bloggers" post!

My apologies for this. I'll try to get back into the regular blogging habit for the remainder of the term. And possibly beyond, who knows.

I'm catching up on my reading of student blogs as much as I can this week. I may not always leave a response, but I usually will, and I definitely read them all.

One of the secrets to regular blogging is to keep posts short, at least some of the time (it's less daunting that way), so I'll leave it at that. I'm cooking up a longer blog entry to follow this, hopefully today.


Heidi said...

I agree that it is difficult to keep up with blogs. And keeping them short is wise. That's just not penguin.

James Bulgin said...

Oh yeah, this term was definitely one of madly scrambling to catch up with things for me, across the board.

Sadly, I've rarely been very good at keeping things brief, even when I'm only making more work for myself. In a linguistics course last term where we had to write weekly article summaries, I was about triple the required length on every single one. Trust me, writing a 1200-word essay every single week for one course isn't much fun.

A couple times, though, in this course, I managed to split what was going to be a single blog post into two separate ones, if there were two distinct enough topics covered in them.

Philip said...

I'm still trying to keep up! I'm really bad at stuff like this... I'm an anti-facebooker, and I find it hard to engage in conversations, unless they're going on right in front of me! Even though I guess this way I can't interrupt Dr. Ross in the same way I do in class...