Friday, January 23, 2009

Newfound Music Festival - Thursday Daytime Events

The Newfound Music Festival begins on Wednesday evening with a concert sponsored by the Sound Symposium. There are concerts on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings as well, and below you will find the Thursday schedule. Almost all classes are cancelled that day, so I hope that you will take the opportunity to attend as many of the presentations as you can.





Eleanor Mews Jerrett Instrumental Room

"In C" - Terry Riley's Minimalist Classic –
It’s a JAM!
Bring your instrument or voice!

Chris Miller, conductor

MU 2025

Melanie Redmond:

Pedagogical Considerations in Selected Piano Works by Clifford Crawley


Charles W. Hutton Choral Room

Panel Discussion:
Ki Adams, Paul Bendzsa, Scott Godin,
Andrea Rose & Clark Ross:

Bringing Your Creativity to the Classroom

MU 2025

Ian Sutherland:
Contemporary Sonic and Visual Arts
Sites for Knowing


Petro-Canada Hall

Larysa Kuzmenko:

Retrospective I


School of Music Lobby

SMS Lunch

Mingle and chat about the day,
hosted by the student music society!

Eleanor Mews Jerrett Instrumental Room

Paul Bendzsa & Richard Blenkinsopp:

Interface; spatial music


DF Cook

Recital Hall

Postprandial Recital
Talented students perform music
from the recent past

MU 2025

Scott Godin:
for High School Band


Charles W. Hutton Choral Room

Clark Ross:
John Weinzweig;

Composer – Maverick

DF Cook

Recital Hall

Chamber Orchestra
Open Rehearsal with
conductor Vernon Regehr and
composer Clifford Crawley


Petro-Canada Hall

Larysa Kuzmenko: 
Retrospective II

MU 2025

Leila Qashu:
Negotiating gender through dance
among Arsi Oromo youths in Ethiopia


Jessica Blenis said...

I'm just curious to see exactly how long the Riley's 'In C' will go on for, seeing as its performance length is based on the whim of the players, is it not?

Clark Ross said...

From Wikepedia: "In C has no set duration; performances can last as little as fifteen minutes or as long as several hours, although Riley indicates "performances normally average between 45 minutes and an hour and a half.""

I hope you can take part. It might provide you with some ideas for your composition projects this term... or it might not, but either way, it should be a blast!

Michael Bramble said...

I'm not going to lie, the performance of 'In C' is what I am most excited for when it comes to this years festival. I'll be coming with perhaps a recorder in hand, and perhaps one of the tenor variety : )
Will it be recorded?

Jessica Blenis said...

I'll definately be there, opportunities like this don't come around every day. Do you know if video-taping a portion of it would be permitted?

Jenn Vail said...

"In C"...seems to be a common interest! The past few years during the Newfound Music Festival, I've had to miss this opportunity either because of illness, or having to attend another session for a particular course requirement. I'm looking forward to this session. I've heard so much about it, but have never been a part of it!

I think it's going to be a popular event!!

Melissa B. said...

Poor Melanie.
I hope at least a few people turn out for her discussion.

I'm looking forward to the festival.
I'm a little intimidated by 'In C' but I really want to do it.

Jill A. said...

'In C'is definitely going to be quite the experience!

I also think that Scott's presentation about composing for High School Band will be very educational, particularly for our next assignment. I know i'll definitely be attending it!

Kim Codner said...

Im so excited for the concerts that I'm able to attend!
AND I also think Scott's Presentation will be really beneficial to all of us!

Kate Bevan-Baker said...

I'm really looking forward to this year's Newfound Music Festival. This is the first year where I don't have required sessions to go to, so it feels more like an enjoyment for me to go to the different presentations, rather than being forced to sit through them all.

I'm mostly excited for 'In C' - as most people are - and I really hope lots of people show up for it. I heard that the lights used to be dimmed so that we pay more attention to 'listening' rather than looking at the music and zoning out. This should be really fun!!

Clark Ross said...

Hi all, I was very pleased to see so many of you at the Newfound Music concerts and presentations. I went to the beginning of "In C" and found myself becoming emotional... I have no idea why; I guess maybe I was moved by seeing so many students show up at 9AM to play Riley's beautiful, classic piece.

It was great!

I then went to Melanie Redmond's presentation on Clifford Crawley's piano music, which went very well, and had a reasonably large audience, so I was pleased for her.