Saturday, November 29, 2008

More congratulations, and loose ends

I thought our second student composers concert of the term went exceedingly well tonight, so I extend my congratulations to you all on a job well done! There was definitely more of a 'flying-by-the-seat-of-you-pants' feeling to this one than there was in the first concert, but it all came off very well nonetheless. There were pieces that we heard for the first time in any version tonight; I don't think that's happened before in previous years (usually, the class gets to hear works in progress, as was the case in with the first project).

I wonder if the performers of James' piece (Melissa, Heidi, Saird) would be able to find 20 minutes or so at some point next week to re-record it? If not, James, you can submit your MIDI recording with your score.

In addition to offering my congratulations, I want to tie up a few loose ends, since the course is now all but over:
  1. Please come to class at 1PM Monday to fill out the course evaluation questionnaire.
  2. We will have a pizza party on Wednesday (at 1 PM). Please confirm your attendance in the 'comments' area below so that I know how much pizza to bring.
  3. Final version of scores and parts due 1PM Wednesday.
  4. If you have any catching up to do with regards to writing your blog entires and/or commenting on my class blogs, now would be the time. I'll probably be submitting marks for this course a week from Monday, or thereabouts, so if your comments/blog entries do not take place by next weekend, they probably won't be counted.
  5. drop by my office periodically beginning in about 8-9 days to look for your compositions. I'll leave them on a chair outside my door.
I guess all that remains is to congratulate you once again on your hard work and all that you have accomplished, and say that I hope each of you continues to compose because you all have a lot of talent and much to express.


Bus said...

Wooo Pizza! Count me in.

Kim Codner said...

I think everyones pieces sounded super! Good work everyone!

Count me in for Pizza! WOoOooOOt!

Justin Guzzwell said...

there will bells on

Melissa B. said...

I'll be there, but no pizza please!

Robbie b said...

No pizza?!?!
At a pizza party???
oh dear.

The concert went over great!
good job everyone!
I will elaborate more on it in my next blog

When will we get recordings for this concert as well as the other one?

Jessica Blenis said...

I will most likely be there unless I'm kidnapped by lawn gnomes or something equally as ridiculous.

Jill A. said...

Great Job bys!

Definitely count me in for Pizza!

James Bulgin said...

I'll definitely be there.

Melissa said...

I will be there too!

Great work everyone! We did it!! :)

Heidi said...

I'll be there!!! Pizzzaaaaa!

meg293 said...

And the pizza WAS delicious.
it was cool chatting about politics and geography too! haha

Kate Bevan-Baker said...

I'm really sad I missed the pizza party...too bad that was the day I woke up and had a busted neck. I was waiting at the doctor's office while you were all enjoying pizza :-(.

Will we get recordings of the 2 recitals?? I'd really like to hear them as well as go through our marked scores so that I can know what I did wrong/how to make it better. Perhaps you talked about this when I wasn't there and everyone already knows the answer...?


Dylan V-H said...

Composition recitals are (in my opinion) one of the greatest things to participate in or watch in music school... or school in general. Being there filled me with an overwhelming wave of gladness that the class was able to, not only compose the great program of music, but also to put on such a fantastic and entertaining show.

Think about it... some kid doing business never gets to experience the fruits of his studies during his or her stay at memorial. Especially in such an entertaining medium.

All the performances were stellar and the concert made me really happy to be a music major.