Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Newfound Music Festival: 8 PM Concert Programmes (Thur/Fri/Sat)

Newfound Music Festival VII

Crossing Boundaries

Thursday, 28 January, 8PM.  Petro-Canada Hall

Maureen Volk:                                              Toccatas, by Clifford Crawley                                             
Michelle Cheramy:                                       Gustnadoes, by Derek Charke
Jay Sorce (guitar):                                       Another’s Fandango, by John Anthony Lennon
Jay Sorce:                                                      Shard, by Elliott Carter
Steve Cowan, Andrew Wicks:                   Gwan, by Scott Godin
Gina Ryan:                                                      Diastemas, by Alcides Lanza                                    
Derek Charke:                                               Lumière Immobile, by Derek Charke                                    
Leibel, Bendzsa, Regehr, Volk:                   Palm Court Songs of the Buble Ring, by John Greer

Friday, 29 January, 8PM.  Petro-Canada Hall
Paul Bendzsa, Andrea Lodge                      Shooting the Moon, by Clark Ross
Calvin Powell, Krista Vincent                     Peter Quince and the Clavier, by Andrew Staniland 
Derek Charke:                                                Disturbances of Circadian Rhythm, by Derek Charke
Hodgson, Cheramy, Cook                           Tu n’y trouveras que du vent, by Yoshiaki Onishi
Andrea Lodge, Jay Sorce                            Sonata for Guitar and Piano (1995) by Charles Wuorinen

Saturday, 30 January, 8PM.  Petro-Canada Hall
Music of the Americas
Dawn Avery, cello
Adam Batstone, Tim O’Brien, Slvie Proulx, guitars
Andrew McCarthy, Alex Peppard, Rob Power, Andrew Rideout, Whitney Rowe, percussion                                          
Jeff Dyer, vocalist
Bill Brennan, piano and percussion
Chris Davis, bass
Aaron Hodgson, trumpet
Paul Bendzsa, woodwinds

Ritmo Jondo (Flamenco), by Carlos Surinach
El Quitapesarus, Comfort, & Pajarillo (Venezuelan traditional)
Carousel, by Andy Narrell
Selections from North American Indian Cello Project, by Dawn Avery

¡El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido! by Sergio Ortega (arr.)

Kalimba, by Inti-illimani

Brazilian set: (Balanga Beico, Capivara, and Quando Amanhece (by Celso Machado); O cantador, by DCaymi / N. Motta

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