Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lessons with Dr. Derek Charke?

As discussed in class today, the visiting composer for the Newfound Music Festival, Dr. Derek Charke, is prepared to offer short lessons to Mu4100 composition students during his residency here.  The only days we can do this are Wednesday and Friday, both of which I know are already pretty busy days for a lot of you.  But let's try this anyway; please indicate a time in the "Comments" section below that you could meet with Dr. Charke on Wednesday or Friday afternoons between 2 and 4PM.

I will suggest a lesson time of 20 minutes; it is not very long, but it is a longer feedback period than we usually have time for in class, and I'm a concerned about not overloading Dr. Charke's schedule if possible.

I will let find out what room we can use and post that info asap.  I can also put a notice about the room on my office door.

Available times:

2:00  Joshua White

2:00  Kim Codner
2:20  THIS SLOT IS FREE!!! (Adam cancelled)
2:40  Robbie Brett, esq.
3:00  Aiden Hartery
3:20  Andrew Rideout
3:40  Mary Beth Waldram

(If you need more times, let me know asap!)


Kim Codner said...

Oooo! Friday 2:00! Pick me! Pick me!

Kim Codner said...

Also, my piece name is called Music Therapy and I'll be playing movements I. and III. (They don't have individual names)


Adam said...

Ill take friday at 2:20

- For saturdays concert, my pieces being played are called

I. The Funeral
II. Recollection

Joshua White said...

tomorrow at 2

my two pieces are called
2 versus 3
3 verseus 4.

Joshua White said...

and my performer is Robbie Brett

A. Rideout said...

I will go at 2:40 on Friday... if possible.

also for saturday, Dylan Varner- Hartley will be playing my pieces and they are just called: I and II.

Adam said...

Forgot to mention my performer.

its Tim Purdy

Aiden Hartery said...

3 on friday?

My pieces are:
I - Breeze
II - Cascade

Andrew Coffin will be my performer

Robbie B and the Doubtful D's said...

Can I have mine at 2:20 on friday?

Clark Ross said...

Robbie, 2:20 was taken, so I put you down for 2:40 on Friday. Let me know if that's not okay.

Andrew originally requested 2:40 on Friday but just told me he can't make it at that time, so he's now down for 3:20 on Friday.

As I say above, if you didn't get a chance to sign up for a time and we run out of time slots, please let me know asap and I will ask Dr. Charke about possibly seeing a few more people on Friday.

Jessica Blenis said...

Bahhh I only just saw this...Is there any way I could have a lesson on Friday any time after 4?

Mary Beth said...

Friday 3:40!!!