Thursday, April 9, 2009

Please Submit Recordings

Please send me an MP3 MIDI recording of your second composition I mentioned it in our last class (and it is listed as a requirement in the course outline), so I bring it up it here as a gentle reminder. (ASAP, please.)

Here is the course evaluation procedure, followed by information about participation in the class blog (which is what you are reading now) and your weekly journals, all taken from the course outline:
  • Class participation 9%
  • Blog participation: 8%
  • On-line Journal: 8%
  • Weekly compositional preparedness: 25%
  • 2 Compositions: 50%
3) Blog participation marks are earned by commenting on, or joining a discussion about, blog entries posted by your instructor. 10 reasonably thoughtful comments will get you full marks.

4) The On-line Journal is your weekly record of (a) class/instructor feedback received, and (b) your brief reaction to it (and any other thoughts you may have about your own composition process). It can be in point form, and need not be more than a paragraph every week.

Some have asked how many journal entries are needed, and while the answer is relatively clear from the above (i.e., one for every week), to make things simpler for all I will set the number at 9. The only thing to add is that it is not too late to post to this blog or your journal; I will make Tuesday, April 14, 5 PM the deadline for doing so, so anything you post before then will be counted.


meg293 said...

I forgot to hand in a mp3 recording, and I'm out of town until Tuesday night. Is there any way I can pass it in Wednesday morning??? Sorry!

Clark Ross said...

Handing it in Wednesday is fine, no worries!