Monday, December 8, 2008

Farewell, and thanks!

Thanks for all who commented on the various blog entries for this course over the past 3+ months. It has been a pleasure to read them, and I think many of you who read each others' comments feel similarly. It is definitely something I will incorporate into composition classes that I teach in the future. It would be nice to have the luxury of more time in every class in which to discuss issues of relevance to composers, but (a) we don't, and (b) some people seem to find it easier to be more reflective in a blog than they would be in a class discussion, so I think that even if we had time to discuss these things I'd still have a blog.

I have (as of 12 noon today) just finished counting up the number of comments made by each class member, and I must say there were some great comments made in just the past 2-3 days! In any event, the deadline for commenting has now passed, but if you happen to read this and are still in the process of commenting let me know ASAP, and I can still include your comments in my tabulations. But it has to be ASAP because I will be handing in the marks for this course first thing tomorrow morning (Tuesday).

Every member of this class has worked extremely hard this term, and you all have reason to feel very good about all that you achieved.

Best wishes to all, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break!


Michael Bramble said...

In retrospect I wish I had kept track of the number of comments I have made. It's a little tricky to find out the number. Oh well, I just hope my contributions to the discussions were adequate :)
Next time I imagine many of us will be more punctual.

Kate Bevan-Baker said...
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Kate Bevan-Baker said...

I wish I had been more punctual :-(.

It's a lot of fun to snoop around everyone's blog and comment, but it's also really time consuming and I'm not good at remembering to blog. Next term I promise I'll be better at it!

I think the whole blogging thing is a really good idea since it allows us to communicate with each other in a non-classroom setting and we can get our thoughts down in writing instead of passing in papers. I did find that blogging was a big time commitment, especially since I found it pretty time consuming to compose my pieces as well. I guess it was an adequate form of homework, and I should have done more earlier!

Blogging is fun :-)

Dylan V-H said...
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Dylan V-H said...

Can't say I am a big fan of the whole blog for a mark thing but that's just me.

I have always hated doing journal entry type assignments.

blogs are definitely a step up from the ol' "pass in a journal that no one can comment on, you may never get back, and god knows If your teacher has read it".


I DO NOT THINK THAT BLOGGING AS A CLASS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA. When people come up with problems they have an easy way to share them, and people with solutions can present them.

My beef has more to do with the fact that we must spill out paragraphs in order to please the greater power (Dr. Ross) and get marked on having 12 done.

If someone doesn't want to use blogging as a resource, chances are they will not benefit from it

If someone enjoys using blogs then they will be a great resource for them to share things with classmates.


just don't force it (same thing with journal entries though they are worse)

I am going to University ($$) to learn very specific things and when I have to write JOURNAL ENTRIES for marks in a composition class I have to take a step back and wonder if this is really a good use of my time and money (especially now that I have exams to study for, although I DO REALIZE that this is entirely my fault)



Melissa said...

I too found it hard to count the number of comments I have made over the semester... I hope I did enough... I feel like I did, but who can say really. Well YOU can because you counted them all.
It was a fun semester! A great experience and I'm really glad I did the course after all.